East Atlanta Strut

September 12, 2017

Join the EAV Canopy Krewe in the Strut Parade

We’re having a Float Building & Costume Crafting Party. Join us this weekend to help with float construction, decoration, painting & costumes.

SATURDAY-SEPT 16, 11am & SUNDAY-SEPT 17, noon



Register To Join Parade: billgould500@gmail.com or 404-786-5047

September 9, 2017

We are joining the East Atlanta Strut on Saturday, September 23rd! In an effort to continue educating our neighbors and all Atlantan’s about the ongoing work to permanently protect the 6 acre Ormewood Forest, we will march in the Strut Parade as the “EAV CANOPY KREWE” and will sponsor a SOF information booth at the festival.

We invite you to join the effort by parading with us or helping to staff the information booth.

The following opportunities are available:

Save Ormewood Forest Booth
We will have a 10×10’ tent at the corner of Glenwood Avenue and Gresham in The Strut’s new environmental vendor section! Volunteers will help set up the booth display, pass out informational flyers, promote our cause, the petition, and accept donations for t-shirts and bumper stickers. The following time slots are available with 2 people desired for each time period:


You can sign up via google sheets or contact Volunteer Coordinator- Grace Gardner by email at gracemgard@gmail.com or by phone at 734-740-6584.

EAV Canopy Krewe Parade

We are entering a float in The Strut Parade! Volunteers are needed to help with float construction, decoration and painting, as well as costume crafting. If you have a Save Ormewood Forest t-shirt, you are already a member of the Canopy Krewe! Anyone else is welcome to join the marching krewe in the parade with a $25 donation or by creating their own costume, signage, or small wagon or garden cart float! Contributors of $25 or more will receive a Save Ormewood Forest t-shirt for the march. We will also have a limited number of costumes and parade props available, and can provide design guidance to those wishing to make their own. Ideally, we are looking for marching trees, umbrellas decorated as leafy canopy, forest animals, and magical forest creatures!

Please sign-up to participate via this link, or contact Krewe Chief, Bill Gould at billgould500@gmail.com, or by phone at 404-786-5047

Attending at least one CANOPY KREWE work/ prep day prior to the STRUT is encouraged.  Current prep schedule:

Saturday 9th– 11:00 (Costume and Float planning)
Saturday 16th – 11:00, Sunday 17th – 12:00 (float building, costume crafting)
Wednesday 19th – call for time (Final prep & t shirt pick-up)

Support this important cause + Join the Canopy Krewe + March in The Strut Parade + Have Fun!

For the forest,

Bill – Krewe Chief
Grant – Booth Dude
Alex – Float Construction Lead
Susan – Costume Fabrication Lead
Margaret – Graphic Design Lead
Alice – Art Direction
Carol & Marsha – Live Tree Wranglers
Jenny – Merchandising
Adam – Sound Engineer
Grace – Volunteer Coordinator
Ralph – Float Captain