Please Consider Donating to Save Ormewood Forest

Dear Friends, Neighbors and Supporters of Save Ormewood Forest,

East Atlanta and its surrounding communities have much to offer those who live, work and play here.  On a grander scale, East Atlanta and its surrounding communities contribute to the City of Atlanta’s urban tree canopy and watershed resources.  Many of you reading this have “Save Ormewood Forest” signs in your front yard, have attended meetings, have signed petitions, have rallied at City Hall and have invested in other ways to preserve and nourish the essence of our inner-city neighborhoods amid a development drive that knows no boundaries. Thank you. From each household abutting Ormewood Forest, each household along the wandering path of Intrenchment Creek, all the invested organizations such as EACA and Trees Atlanta and every individual who has conducted a meeting around a kitchen table, we thank you.

The heavy lifting is not over.  Lots of individuals have invested precious dollars to get us this far.  Nothing has been free…signs and t-shirts have been purchased, flyers have been printed, professional services have been engaged and there are more expenses on the horizon to keep our efforts afloat. We need your financial support.  We cannot sustain our momentum through to the next Zoning Review Board Meeting in early November and beyond without your help.  It is time to concretely invest in saving what we love about our neighborhood.  Donations made using this Donor Box provided by EACA are tax deductible. If writing a check is easier, simply make your check payable to “East Atlanta Community Association” and indicate “Save Ormewood Forest” on the memo line and get in touch with us for an address to mail or bring it to the next EACA meeting.

With your support, we can continue to impact the preservation of our tree canopy, watershed resources and wild life habitat of East Atlanta, things that we can no longer take for granted. As a homeowner in a beautiful, thriving, relaxed and desirable neighborhood, remember that your investment doesn’t stop with a monthly mortgage payment. Our neighborhood is worthy of your investment, too.

Again, we thank you.

Donation Details

For each donation, we are happy to provide promotion items based on your level of support. In addition to the items shown in the Donation Box above, we offer additional incentives based on the following Supporting levels:

  • $100 – Grass Roots & Ground Cover
  • $500 – Watershed Warrior
  • $1,000 – Canopy Champion

All contributors will be contacted via email to fulfill requests. Supporting level contributors will be acknowledged on the SOF website and may receive all promotional items. Corporate support of $500 or above will be acknowledged on SOF website with logo placement.

100% of contributions are directed towards the East Atlanta Community’s effort to permanently protect and restore Ormewood Forest!